Wang Nuo
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Wang Nuo

Associate Professor, Director of Institute of  Optimal Allocation of  Medical Resource




Associate Professor, Doctor of Economics, master's tutor. She is the director of Institute of Optimal Allocation of Medical Resource at School of Economics and Resource Management, BNU. She has published 2 books independently, and she also participated in the publication of 8 books, and translated 1 book. She has presided 10 research projects independently, including 6 vertical projects and 4 latitudinal projects, and co-presided 2 vertical projects. Her articles can be found in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 50, China Economic Report, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica, China Population Resources and Environment.






In English


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In Chinese


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In English


1. Wang, N. (2016). Impacts of High Serum Total Cholesterol Level on Brain Functional Connectivity in Non-Demented Elderly. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 50, 2016, pp.455-463.


In Chinese


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【Current Research】


The economic issues on Chinese Materia Medica. (on going)

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