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China Institute of Innovation and Development (CIID) is established by the School of Economic and Resource Management at Beijing Normal University in July 2015. Telling Chinese stories with China’s genuine data, the institute is devoted to condense theoretical and practical policy recommendations by adopting advanced concepts and standardized methods. The Institute brings together a critical mass of leading researchers in the broad fields of Economics. With specialists in Micro-Level Surveys, Industrial Services, and Policy Advice, CIID is a wellspring of current thinking and practical solutions.


The institute comprises seven centers: China Genuine Progress Indicator Survey and Research Center, Chinese Materia Medica Innovation and Resource Economics Research Center, Innovation Economy and Management Research Center, Research Center of Behavioral and Experimental Economics , Green Industries Economics Research Center,BNU-MIT City Smart Innovation Joint Lab and Center for Energy Policy Research. CIID serves to undertake research project from research companies, universities, research institutions, and government sectors.


To meet the needs of national strategy, the institute seizes the frontier of innovation to offer theoretical and practical references for the Chinese economic innovation and development, in addition to provide scientific basisfor regional and industrial innovation and development strategies.





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