Guan Chenghua:Innovation Governance from the Perspective of Big Data
Published:2018-02-08 Visits:

Guan Chenghua

Institute of Economics and Resource Management, Beijing Normal University



Taking electronic governance as a major strategy for innovation governance in the age of big data, we can achieve a positive interaction between governance and new generation information technology. International experience of electronic governance shows that big data has played a critical role in innovation governance, such as increasing accuracy of decision-making, improving executive ability, strengthening safeguards for public wellbeing, cultivating science and culture. The application of big data in electronic governance basically requires two conditions: a rich data base established by the government and advanced idea in data processing technology. In the age of big data, there are two important issues in electronic governance. Firstly, in terms of the balance between functions of government and the market, we should strengthen the market’s fundamental position in data processing. Secondly, when making decisions on the basis of data analysis, the government should pay more attention to the causality instead of totally relying on the correlation reflected in the data.



big data; innovation governance; electronic governance; correlation and causation

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