Zhou Yexin
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Zhou Yexin

Associate  Professor, Vice Dean




Associate Professor and master's tutor in BNU School of Economics and Resource Management. Doctor of Economics from Peking University. Visiting scholar at Lund University and Stockholm School of Economics. Fields of study cover social economics, behavioral economics, development economics and applied econometrics. Associate Professor Zhou received an Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award from Peking University, and has led research projects supported by National Social Science Foundation of China and has participated several national or provincial level research supported by The Natural Science Foundation of China. His articles can be found in European Economic Review, Economic Research Journal, Management World, and other SSCI/CSSCI journals. He is also an anonymous reviewer for Regional Studies, Economic Research Journal, China Economic Quarterly, Management World and other SSCI/CSSCI journals. 






Zhou, Yexin. (2017). Social Capital and Peasants’ Income in Transitional China. Beijing: Peking University Press.  ISBN:978-7-301-28208-3




In English


1. Vollan, B., Landmann, A., Zhou, Y., Hu, B., & Herrmann-Pillath, C. (2017). Cooperation and Authoritarian Values: An Experimental Study in China. European Economic Review, 93, pp.90-105.


In Chinese


1. Liang, B., & Zhou, Y.* (2017). Analysis of the Effect of Financial Stimulation Policy Based on DSGE Model - A Case Study of "Four Trillion Investment". Journal of Economics (Quarterly), 2017(4), pp.28-60. (《基于DSGE模型的财政刺激政策效果分析——以“四万亿投资”为例》)


2. Liang, W., & Zhou, Y.* (2016). Social Capital, Cooperation and the Enigma of “Research Productivity” - Based on the Experiences of Teachers in Chinese Research Universities. Peking University Education Review (Quarterly), 2016(2), pp.113-156. (《社会资本、合作与‘科研生产力之谜’——基于中国研究型大学教师的经验分析》)


3. Lin, W., Zhou, Y., & Su, J. (2016). Will Urbanization increases the demand of life basis energy. Journal of Finance and Economics, 2016(3), pp.41-50. (《城镇化会提高生活用能需求吗?——基于中国2003-2013年省际面板数据的检验》)


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8. Zhou, Y., & Ye, J. (2014). The role of social capital in reducing rural poverty: A literature review and research prospect. South China Journal of Economics, 2014(7), pp.35-57. (《社会资本在减轻农村贫困中的作用:文献述评与研究展望》)


9. Zhou, Y. (2013). The role of social capital in rural household income: Evidence from Chinese household survey (CHIPS2002). Economic Review, 2013(14), pp.47-57. (《社会资本在农户收入中的作用——基于中国家计调查(CHIPS2002)的证据》)


10. Zhou, Y., Ye J., & Cao, H. (2013). The measurement and distribution of rural migrant workers' social capital---An analysis on social network of rural migrant workers in Beijing. Journal of Social Science of YNUFE, 2013(3), pp.141-151. (《流动农民工社会资本的测量及其分布特征——基于北京市农民工社会网络的分析》)


11. Zhou, Y. (2012). Is social capital the capital of the poor? Evidence from income of rural households in China. Management World, (2012)7, pp.83-95. (《社会资本是穷人的资本吗?——来自中国农户收入的经验证据》)


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18. Cui, W., & Zhou, Y. (2006). Analysis on relations between formal and informal system. Teaching and Research, 2006(8), pp. 42-28. (《正式制度与非正式制度的关系探析》)


【Presided Project】


1. 2017, “Research on the Impact of Social Capital and Preferences on Environmental Protection Behavior - Based on Experiment of Random Large Household Samples”. Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 71773010), 0.5 million.


2. 2017, “Study on the Prospects of Beijing Consumer Market in the Context of Population Decomposition”. Supported by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, 0.1 million. 

3. 2016,”Advanced Econometrics I” (Quality curriculum resources). Supported by Beijing Normal University " Online Open Construction Projects for Postgraduate”, 0.1 million.


4. 2014, "Experimental Economics Research of Cooperative Behaviors and Degradation of Grasslands" (Beijing Normal University independent research fund project). Supported by the Special Fund for Basic Scientific Research Service of the Central Universities and Colleges (No.SKZZY2014 028).


5. 2012, “Theory, Policy and Empirical Study on the Influence of Social Networks on Income Disparity”. Supported by The Youth Project of The National Social Science Fund of China (No.12CJL023).


6.2011, “Impact of Social Capital on the New Generation Peasant Workers' Employment and Income Distribution: Theoretical Model and Empirical Analysis”. Supported by Beijing Normal University Social Science Research Fund for Young teachers.



【Participated Project】


1. 2017, “Targeting, Poverty Alleviation Effects and Behavior Incentives of Subsistence Benefit in Rural China”. Supported by The National Natural Science Fund of China (Grant No. 71703008).


2. 2015, “Research on Energy Management System that Adapts to the Socialist Market Economy” ( Key Research Project of Counsellor Office of the State Council) .


3. 2014,  “New Urbanization in China: The Five Dimensions of Coordinated Development” Second Sub-project “New Urbanization and Intensive Use of Resources” (of the Key Research Project). Supported by The National Social Science Fund of China.


4. 2012, “Productivity of Research University Teachers: The Impact of Human Capital and Social Capital”. Supported by The Youth Project of The National Social Science Fund of China (No.71203015).


5. 2009, “Social Capital and Migrant Workers' Economic Status - A Study Based on Migrant Workers Samples in Beijing”. Supported by Ministry of Education Planning Fund (No. No.09yja790008).

6. 2008, “Study on the Optimization and Measurement of Social Morality under Economic and Social Transition”. Supported by National Social Science Fund of China (Research in Western Areas) (No.08XZX009) .


7. 2006, “Study on Rebuilding and Revitalization of Northeast Old Industrial Base”. Supported by Ministry of Education Major Subjects of Philosophy and Social Sciences (No. 04JZD009). (Sub project) “Revitalization of Northeast Old Industrial Base and Regional Economic Innovation”.  


8. 2006,“Study on the Trend, Difficulties and Countermeasures of New Rural Construction Driven by Economic Development in Liaoning Counties” ( Major project consigned by provincial government). Supported by Liaoning Provincial Federation Social Science Circles.


9. 2006, “A Regional Comparative Study on the Independent Innovation Ability of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Liaoning Province”. Department of Education of Liaoning Province Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project.


【Presided or Participated Research Survey】


1. 2017,  “2017 China Genuine Progress indicator Survey (CGPiS2017)”. Collected more than 40,000 household samples, coving 29 provinces or areas in China (excluded Hong Kong, Maucao, Xinjiang and Tibet Autonomous Region).


2. 2016, “2016 China Genuine Progress indicator Survey (CGPiS2016)”. 3.5 million research fund. This project was carried out by stratified random sampling and computer aided interview (CAPI). Research content involves employment, consumption, time use, environment, health, fertility, social network, values and many other aspects. Pilot survey was completed at the end of August 2016, collecting 8,437 individual samples from a total of 3,033 household samples.2016, “China Volunteer Network Survey”. Collected 5,655 online samples.


3. 2012 August, “Rural Household Income and Social Survey”. Shangzhou District, Shangluo City, Shanxi Province.


4. 2011 December, Economics field experiment. Shenhu Town, Hubei Province.


5. 2009 August, China Rural Finance Survey. Yiliang County, Yunnan Province.


6. 2009 November, “Economic and Social Survey of Migrant Workers in Beijing” (Research on Development Economics). Beijing.


8. 2008 November, “Survey on the Income and Social Network of Migrant Workers in Beijing” (Research on Development Economics). Beijing.


9. 2007 July, Research on Rural Cooperatives. Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. 

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