【2017-12-11】Associate Professor Zhou Yexin and his party participated in the first large-scale social sampling survey theory and practice seminar
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From December 7th to 8th, the two-day "International Data Survey and Research Conference - The First Large-scale Social Sample Survey Theory and Practice Seminar" was successfully held at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Associate Professor of School of Economics and Resource Management of Beijing Normal University, Deputy Dean of China Institute of Innovation and Development, Total Executive of China Genuine Progress indicator Survey Zhou Yexin, director of investigation and implementation department Wang Zhimin, research assistant Guo Saisai, and Intern of project research Zhao Yi participated in the seminar.


Team of China Genuine Progress indicator Survey


The conference was organized by the survey and research center for China Household Finance of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Experts and scholars from more than 20 universities and industries, including the university of Michigan, Peking University, Fudan University, Jinan University, Inner Mongolia University, Shandong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Lanzhou University and Westat Market Research Company of the United States, participated. The seminar focused on areas such as questionnaire design, data cleansing and quality control, sampling methods and design, survey technology system development and application, survey execution and sample maintenance, data development and mining, project introduction and project research in order to further improve the theoretical and practical level of China's large-scale social surveys, and promote the development of social survey disciplines and genuine progress indicator survey in China.


Wang Zhimin from the team of China Genuine Progress indicator Survey gave a speech at the meeting


At the seminar, Wang Zhimin, director of the implementation department of China Genuine Progress indicator Survey, released a report entitled "Factors of the Interview for the Household Survey" according to the specific experience in the implementation process of China Genuine Progress indicator Survey. Mr. Wang Zhimin discussed the impact of interviewer factors on data quality in two aspects and exchanged views with the participating experts on the implementation of China Genuine Progress indicator Survey (CGPiS) and the recruitment and training of interviewers.


Experts and scholars


The International Data Survey and Research Conference has established a platform for exchanges and learning between experts and scholars in the survey industry at home and abroad, which helps to consolidate the theoretical basis of large-scale social sample surveys, improve the practical level of social surveys, and is conducive to mutual cooperation and universal progress of domestic excellent investigation teams. The team of China Genuine Progress indicator Survey will work with all the research groups to contribute to the healthy and rapid development of large-scale social sample survey in China, and make unremitting efforts for China's progress!

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