【2017-07-20】The Opening Ceremony of “2017 China Genuine Progress Indicator Survey (CGPiS) Summer Investigator Training Program” was held
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At 9am on July 14th, the Opening Ceremony of “2017 China Genuine Progress Indicator Survey (CGPiS) Summer Investigator Training Program” was held in classroom 502 in the No.9 Building of Beijing Normal University. Professor Qin Tu, Academic Director of CGPiS Project, Associate Professor Yexin Zhou, Executive Director of CGPiS Project, Ms.Qiuyu Zhang, Executive Department Director of the Center of China Household Finance Survey from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Mr. Zhimin Wang, Director of CGPiS Executive Department, and other teachers attended the ceremony with 282 investigators from 103 universities. The ceremony was hosted by Ms.Yujue Peng from the CGPiS project.


The 2017 CGPiS survey sample covers 29 provinces/municipalities/autonomous regions (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet) and is expected to complete 42,000 samples.


Executive Director

Professor Yexin Zhou


At the beginning of ceremony, Associate Professor Yexin Zhou, introduced the general situation, research fields and research results of School of Economics and Resource Management of Beijing Normal University to the investigators, Then he made a detailed introduction of the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and CGPiS.


Academic Director 

Professor Qin Tu


Later, Professor Qin Tu made a speech entitled “Seeking truth is a virtue” and made an in-depth analysis of the significance of the survey.


CGPiS Executive Director

 Wang zhimin 


Mr. Zhimin Wang, then introduced the recruitment process and team composition of CGPiS investigators. According to Mr. Zhimin Wang, a total of 282 investigators were recruited, including 34 supervisors and 248 interviewers.



Under the leadership of the host, Teacher Yujue Peng, the investigators held hands and shouted the slogan of “measuring China with our footsteps and weaving youth without any regrets”, which brings a successful ending to the ceremony.

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