【2017-03-17】Associate Professor Zhou Yexin attended the University Cooperation Survey Seminar
Published:2018-09-27 Visits:

On March 17, The University Cooperation Survey Seminar organized by the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance was held at the Guanghua Campus of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Associate Professor Zhou Yexin, the overall execution of "China Genuine Progress indicator Survey (CGPiS)”of Beijing Normal University, was invited to attend. Wang Zhimin, the executive director of CGPiS, also attended the meeting. The investigation teams of Zhejiang University, Jinan University, Inner Mongolia University, Nanjing Audit University, Capital University of Economics and Business, Sichuan Agricultural University and Xihua University also participated in this seminar.


Professor Qian Wenrong, Professor Feng Shuaizhang, Associate Professor Zhou Yexin, and Professor Du Fenglian gave speeches on "The purpose of the university survey, the mode of cooperation and significance", "The application of rural household data and some thoughts", " China Genuine Progress indicator Survey" and "China time use survey" separately. Associate Professor Zhou Xinxin introduced the background and purpose of the project and shared the experience and thinking of the cooperation between China Genuine Progress indicator Survey (CGPiS) and CHFS in 2016, which was highly recognized by Prof. Gan Li, the director of the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance, and the experts at the conference. They hope to promote it as a cooperative model in university research cooperation. The participating experts and scholars held heated discussions on topics such as “cooperation mode”, “shared data” and “joint research”, and reached a series of consensuses, laying a foundation for cooperation investigation.


The successful holding of this conference will help the optimization and integration of domestic micro-survey resources and the continuous improvement of data quality. It will promote cross-school cooperation of survey projects and make positive contributions to the promotion of China's micro-database construction.



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