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As the time goes by, the memory flows like a river. Floating quietly at the ferry of memory, reviewing the past time, the dead vine laid all over the ground, like the toil life of visit, although it was miserable, but it contains the adorable of success. The days are long and filled pain, but our sweet memory will leave forever.



I. Above the ferry and the bridge, the sound of the song starts, the stories are familiar, and take us back in the memory.

At the most beginning, when we first met, you were outside BNU; when we met again, you were in front the main building. In my life, the most admirable part of the trip to Tianjin is our acquaintanceship. At that time, everyone’s smile is like the flower grows from the dust, reluctant be confined inside the small garden, wishing to experience the world. Look back after the trip, I regret not being able to enjoy the trip more, if the time could go back, I must consort you first.



II. The winter snow falls, the autumn wind bellows, the spring flowers blossom, to the summer’s rain, seasons passed by from us, sharing every detail of the morning.

The things on the earth are always like this, although with confidence, the wind and rain will experience you on the road, wash off all the dusts of flinch, the view of the back maybe kind of gooey but to inspired our attic faith. But everyone will remember the first morning sunlight, like what you have given to me, the warmest, and purest color on the earth. What we experienced together, is the precious color in my life.



III. I found you at the first sight in the throng, we are inseparable, so all the appointments don’t need to be spoken out.

Our meeting may be the most extreme coincidence, but the worries are never due to the same reason. We have different appearances but share the same vivacious characters. As the most beautiful one, you always showing you beauty, like a happy butterfly, taught us how to steal a piece of sweet to support ourselves from the burdensome work. This sweet, is like an endless treasure, makes us stronger. We are so lucky that without the former bitter, the happiness won’t feel so strongly.



IV. Played games with time, we were carefree. Because of the memory, we long for illimitably.

Day after day’s life are boring, we started to play games in the off hours. As one of the two boys, you did every job great, you are our icebreaker, your words shows you are forthright and sincere, and your jokes made everybody laughed and keep us tighter. I feel pleasure to have you with us.



V. Time is like a sand paper which made you smooth, but it cannot take your dreams and hope away.

The TV in the hotel is perfect for keeping on with the TV series, Yang Yang in the show Laugh out of court almost took everyone’s heart, and only the boys disliked him in heart. You have so many topics about the TV series, and your maturity has gone at this time. When we are unfamiliar, I thought you are arrogant, when we got close I figured out that you are just shy with strangers. Your words inspired all around you.



VI. The night rain cleans the sky, with tough mind, some people are fabulous without posing.

You are the lead of the team, the optimistic one, the boring killer, loved by the interviewees with your glamour, respected by us with your ability. We call you sister, but the age of us are alike. You called yourself “single dog”, you may frisk like out of control, you may be happy for tiny things, and you seem to be just grown up like us. But sometimes you are serious like the class director, with perfect order. Met you, are my largest gain of this practice.



VII. Every breath is the loop of the tacit relationship, the golden times were kept in the memory like the red maple leaves kept in a book.

A trip to the Haihe River, the beautiful view of the moon night, the opened beautify function kept the beauty of the river and the bridge in everyone’s mind. Might be lady, might be cute, the jokes which we made on each other showed the deep relationship between us. Undoubted you are the cutest one in our group. As our favorite one, you are liked even by your silly actions. I still can remember your impressive laugh, that’s the most classic parts in our mind.



Time left us no place to escape in this huge world but it sent us our precious friendship and colorful memory. The memory are so deep and so superficial, the scorching summer of this year and the communities we visited have recorded our good old time.



The most happiness thing of my life is that you are close to me and I never feel lonely. My painting brush could not record even a little of your charm, but only simply portraits of you. I put all my memories about you between my words and make them vivid. Like we are back to the afternoon in front the main building, the river and the bridge, the endless bank of the Haihe River, our really hearts like the smell of the tea we tasted that morning. We used to dream those things that we cannot get easily, but with our entire life, it will be kept in our heart. The waterfall goes up, the seeds of the dandelion go back together, the sun rises from the west and falls from the east, you are always by my side.




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