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1. Arrived in Harbin



At 3 o’clock on July the 21st,
We arrived at Beijing west station on time,
With a week preparing,
We finally started our journey to Heilongjiang province,
With our suitcase,
We took the mission of the China Genuine Progress indicator Survey,
Eight of us worked together,
Began to experience the fresh new vacation.



Looked at the view outside the window of the train,
From cities to countries,
From mountains to plain,
From tiny fishing village to huge seaport,
From the developed area to the developing area…



The environment was changing, the position was changing, the climate was changing,
The nature landscape and the humanity landscape were also changing,
The only thing unchanging was our aflame emotion
In times of explorations,
Longing for the beautiful youth flower which blossoms during the visits.



Just imagine,
The view that you saw was changed from skyscrapers to farmland,
The climate which you were in was changed from torrid to cool,
The people that you met were changed from unbelieving and overthinking to kind and honest…
All of these are such amazing.



You will be filled with admiration of nature, the demiurge,
Exclaimed for the excellent works of the green forests and wide paddies!
And the prosperity of the cities was forgot without realizing.
You will also enjoy the cool and comfortable weather of the Mulan count, Harbin, Heilongjiang province.
Let you skin feel the enjoyable feeling!!!



The heart beat when the car stopped!
We could not suppress our excited emotion of arriving in Harbin, this distant and legendary city,
The laugh was showed on the faces,
Regardless of the heavy luggage,
Regardless of the possible difficulties during the interviews,
We got off the train!



“Wow! This is Harbin!”
“I love the temperature, compared with Beijing, here is just like heaven.”
“The air is so fresh here!”
“The Harbin rail way station is so large! What an amazing piece of work…”



Words like these kept being heard,
All of us seemed to be artless,
Hahaha~~~Friends like these are so lovely,
With the hope in our heart, we are full of youthful spirit!




2. Meet Mulan Part I


Mulan is pretty, Hefu village is large!
There are four parts in Hefu village, and 2 to 6 kilometers away from each other.



“because we need to change the sample every 3 hours, and our sample are in two different parts, we had to walk several times between them, more than 10 kilometers, so hopeless.”



“My interviewee today was really incoordinate, his brother disturbed on purpose, they highly refused the interview. I asked to change a sample and the new one which was given to me made me wanna cry: it seems like the brother who disturbed the interview in the former interviewee's house…”



“Because we were so far away from our samples, it cost us 40 RMB to go there by taxi, may the salary of a sample pay back our taxi fare… What made us angrier is that the interviewees refused to cooperate, but we didn’t want waste our taxi fare, so we did the interview roughly, after that we felt breakdown inside… However, since the quality of the sample is quite poor, we had to change to another one… what can I say!”



“If you smelt the smell of feces, then congratulation, you are so lucky, if you see several dry feces on the side of the road, you are also very lucky, but the luck are much more than these, the luckiest thing is, when the feces was on your shoes, at this time, you will feel the whole world is so fresh and greasy, hopeless and wordless and have no idea what to do…(︶︿︶)”


“I still can remember the helpless feeling of the moment that I squatted down to the squatting pan, and all the flies flew restlessly and crashed on my butt.”




3. Meet Mulan Part II


“Mama mia, how long could you finish these questions, it is almost two hours!”
“Soon, lady, we have done half of it.”
(I am wondering the same question, too.)


“This question we have done it before, why you repeat it?”
(I want to ask the program group why the question is repeated, too.)



“How do you think about…”
“Satisfied.” “Satisfied, General, Very Satisfied, Totally Unsatisfied.”
(Wait! You answered before I finished my question…)



“How much money left in your mother’s medical insurance?”
“Who is f**king concerned about my mother’s money all the time!!”
“…(act like nothing happened and suppress the willing of saying bad words) So…”
(I wish badly that the whole world are destroyed.)


“Your questions are so detailed, even those toilet things… Be honest, who sent you here, what you are looking for…”
(What else can we looking for…d(ŐдŐ๑))



“How many cash do you keep in your house?”



“How much longer do need to you finish this work, I’ve found out that once I answered yes, more questions are following to be asked…”
(Sir, you are so intelligent.)



“I’m really old, I have no idea about what you are asking me.”
“It’s OK, madam, you just need to tell us those you know.”
And then three hours past, after all the questions have been done, the lady said:
“Please don’t come again, your questionnaire is so long, if you come again just record that I am dead.”
(Please, program group, give us a perfect answer.)



“My interviewee is also an old lady, she refuse during the interview, I hope to made another appointment,
The phone was picked up,
‘Hello, madam, we are the researchers…’
The phone was hanged up.”
(Madam, could you please let me finish my word…)



4. Meet Mulan, The moments of warmth


“I have the appointment with the interviewee at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we were told when we arrived at the place that the old gentleman had waited for us at the crossing for two hours in case that we cannot find him.”


“We just got to the house of the interviewees, after introduced ourselves, the lady smiled and welcomed us inside, she poured us water, gave us fruits, picked cucumbers for us, and after the interview she invited us for dinner, we were moved indeed!!!”


“I visited a retired old village head, he is really reasonable and supported our job, he even analyzed the advantages of doing social researches: ‘One side, it is a pity if nothing has been done during such a long summer vacation, on the other hand, college students are lack of social experiences, it is a good chance to come to the village, learn new knowledge and have experiences.’ The old village head are so warm-heart, can I have more interviewees like this!”


“Our group just arrived at the village committee, the village head welcomed us with open arms, and let Mr. Huanduo take us to the interviewee’s house, he admired us as the nation’s future!!! After the interview he invited us to the Xiaoxing’anling!! But since we have more missions, we had to refuse the invitation."


“When we visited the other village, the village head are also very kind, he found many men with their tricycles to the village committee, so we finished our interviews of this village with the ‘dududu’ sound of the tricycles, it feels so nice!!!”


5. The end


On our way,
With smile and success, or pang and roughness,
The life are long, and we are responsible!
Fight, my people!!!




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