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Autumn came suddenly, 

As the first time the autumn wind bellowed,

As the first Osmanthus flower bloomed,

All these feelings of autumn are clean and limpid.

This gentle autumn made me full of joy,

Like the cool summer of Harbin this year,

It’s so worth to join this year’s CGPiS’ summer camp!




How far can a man go?

These should not be asked to the feet, but to the ambition.



My friend and I went to Beijing from Chengdu with hope for CGPiS, from south to north, from west to east. The 20 hours hard seat rail way trip made us two girls deiced to have a nice dream during the back journey. However, the view outside the window let us forget the fatigue, as soon as we got down the train, we were soaked in the cosmopolitan of the city.




On the road, we are young forever, and always well up.



CGPiS, surveys China on foot. Her samples covered all over China. To see its face, July the 21th, after a week’s preparation, the youths, with puzzles, arrived in the hopeful black soil. Our trip foredoomed to be meaningful, we worked days and nights to understand the area.




Frozen could be waited when there is no bridge on the river,

Across the long dark night the dawn shall come.



The difficulties are foredoomed, but it means nothing. The newfangled things are everywhere in our journey. We sent greetings to the fish boat hundreds meters away and the air planes crossed by. Everything is so fancy on this wide land, but we could not leave for a while----we had to solve the problem which haunted in our mind.




Met the right one in thousands people,

In thousands years, the endless time,

No early, no late,

Just a simple word when we met,

You are also here?



We met since we appreciated each other, whatever change or settle, there are full of glamour, cross 1246 kilometers mountains and plain, from Beijing to Harbin, after we met each other your emotions were noted by me. I have seen the Yangtse River and the Yellow River, and I am shocked by the vastness of the Black Land Plain; the breadth is you, the flatness is you, and every inch of the Black Land is you.




If you ask, is it worthy to love you,

What you should know that love is without questioning its value.



I saw your roughness and your blossom, I touched your scar and you proud. August emerges the bright galaxy on the plain. we looked up to the sky, the faint light from the stars decorated the night sky of the blue star. The black soil in August, like the galaxy. We love your profoundness, your beauty also your roughness.




If I my memory allows me,

I will remember the night like this.



All the nights on the black soil are meaningful, the sleep came rapid after a tough day. With the unforgettable galaxy of August, my friend and I got on the train back home. Our desire to sleep and dream relaxed were taken place by contemplating of this month.   We brought the ticket but missed the train. Changed the ticket to the non-seat one of the next train, from north to south, east to west, stood to home, we brought the same thing, which the name is “worthy”.



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