List of Working Papers
Published:2018-09-19 Visits:

Chen Hao:

1. Chen, H. (upcoming). Impacts of aggregation of land categories on the accuracy of a land change model.Environmental Modelling & Software.


2. Parmentier,B., R. J. Eastman and H. Chen. (upcoming). Large area mapping in Alaska over the 2001-2009 time period: extraction of clusters from Seasonal Trends using segmentation and chain clustering.InternationalJournal ofAppliedEarth Observation and Geoinformation.


Zhou Yexin

1. Zhou, Y. X., Tu, Q., He, J. "The Development of Other-regarding Preferences in Adulthood: An Artefactual Field Experiment based on Household Survey", 2018.


2. Liang, W. Y., Zhou Y. X., Yu, H. X. "Inbreeding, Social Capital and Faculty Academic Innovation (in Chinese)", 2018.


3. Zhou, Y. X., He, J., Liang, B., Tu, Q. "Individual Heterogeneity, Social Capital and Types of Social Preferences: A Study Based on Lab vs. Artefactual Field Experiments (in Chinese)", 2018.


4. Zhou, Y. X., Tu, Q., Liang, B., Ye, J. Y. "How Does Social Capital of Rural-Urban Migrants Form? (in Chinese)", 2017.


 5. Zhou Y., Liang B., Ye J. "Social Capital Formation and Chinese Rural Immigrants——Theoretical Model and Empirical Evidence",2015.


6. Vollan, Björn, Y. Zhou, A. Landmann, B. Hu, C. Herrmann-Pillath, “Democracy and Authoritarian Norms -- experimental evidence from the People's Republic of China”, Innsbruck University Working Paper No.2013-14, 2013.


7. Zhou, Yexin, Q. Tu, B. Vollan, C. Herrmann-Pillath, B. Hu, “What Affect Type and Strength of Conditional Cooperation?: Evidences from Non-WEIRD Lab and Field Experiments”, Working Paper, 2013.


8. Tu, Qin, Y. Zhou, B. Vollan, C. Herrmann-Pillath, B. Hu, “What Determine Conditional Cooperation Level?: Evidence from a Lab versus Artefactual Field Experiment”, Working Paper, 2014.


9. Zhou, Yexin, “Is Social Capital the Capital of the Poor? Evidence from Income of Rural Households in China”, Working Paper, 2012.


10. Chen, Mo, Y. Zhou and J. Ye, 2014, “Self-employment Choices of Rural Migrants in China: Distance and Social Network”, Stockholm School of Economics Working Paper 2014-31, 2014.


11. Liang B., Zhou Y. "The Macroscopic Effect and Policy Choice of ‘4 trillion Investment'——A Study of Government Expenditure Policy Based on Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model",working paper,2013.


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