China Energy Outlook 2030
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China Energy Research Association

Press: Economic Management Press

Publication Date: 2016-04-01



The energy revolution means reshaping the energy system. Funded by the Asian Development Bank, the China Energy Research Society organized experts from the National Bureau of Statistics, National Renewable Energy Information Management Center, China National Coal Association, China Petroleum Institute of Economics and Technology, Sinopec Economics and Development Research Institute and Peking University to conduct research on the “Energy Forecast Model Construction and China Energy Outlook 2030” and complete the report "China Energy Outlook 2030". This book consists of 21 chapters, which are divided into comprehensive parts, coal parts, petroleum parts, natural gas parts, power parts, and new energy and renewable energy parts. In the context of the energy revolution in 2016-2030,"China Energy Outlook 2030" provides a comprehensive outlook on China's energy production, consumption, trade, infrastructure construction, and market supply and demand.


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